Featured in ‘Advanced Photoshop’

Is this my birthday week?? :))) I was published in Advanced Photoshop magazine for Adobe Photoshop professionals! I couldn’t be happier! See the full spread below and the bigger version with images not that crips, but text readable (for those eventually interested out there! :)) ) I’m very, VERY chuffed with this feature – fact. :)) I feel like I need to credit everyone involved into the making of the images used (as unfortunately no names are included into the article). Here they are then:

models: Danielle Amber, Jennifer Morgan, Katie Matthews, Joanna Felton

MUAs: Sarah Elizabeth Terry, Nikki Kearns

hair: Sarah Elizabeth Terry, Richard Kerr, Nikki Kearns

designers: Raggedy

I wouldn’t be able to make it all happen without you!!! much LOVE! xxx


  1. I’ll buy a copy for you to sign if I have time before we meet!

  2. Ha ha ha, good one Andrew! :))


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