newborn photography – Julissa

At last! Full set of photographs of gorgeous 6 days old Julissa. All taken at my studio, huge thank you to Julissa’s amazing mum for her patience, help and determination! :)

It took me good couple of days to have this set ready, and the editing was the most time consuming part of the whole task. All the photographs were taken against plain backgrounds (black and white in this case), the range of textures you see here, even if they appear ‘wallpapers’, are only results of my extended post processing work.

Just to clarify – the peeling and wrinkly skin is left untouched ON PURPOSE, I think it’s a beautiful aspect of being newborn and I wouldn’t dare to remove it in photoshop.

Photography props used here belong to my studio, hats were made to order, as well as the two blankets with tassels. ( :) ) I made the name tag when Kay and Julissa were getting late for the shoot! 😛

I hope you enojy! xx

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  • Andrew Miller

    They are fantastic Aga – reminds me of my little girl nearly 18years ago! I can’t believe how much this little one is asleep all the time :)


  • Panos Mavromytis

    Oh my…

    What have you done here? “One is better then the other!” fantastic work Aga, well done.


  • tom

    rządzisz!!!! 😉

  • kay sillitoe

    Aga, you r just an awesome photographer. Feel so priviledged to know you. Julissa and I had such a wanderful, relaxed and enjoyeable day on this photoshoot. You made it look so simple too. You just nailed it…every single pic…many many thank yous. x

  • gabriela koopmans

    poprostu boskie!! a te usta!

  • Dawn

    These are absolutely stunning. Beautiful job!

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