Tiara, WM and You and Your South Wales wedding magazine features

Just wanted to quickly share with you a little joy over my work being featured in wedding magazines on variety of occasions – from promotional bridal shoots I did for my clients (mostly The Bridal Boudoir and Sian Gentile – tiara designer) to a little editor’s note about me and my wedding photography. I’m glad the word is being spread around which has resulted into dramatic increase of interest into my wedding photography service. I almost reached my 2011 wedding work limit and been booked by so many fabulous couples over the last two months it makes me squeeee of excitement! :))

Wedding magazines my work’s been featured in recently:

Your South Wales Wedding  http://www.countyweddingmagazines.com

Tiara http://www.ladiesfirst.co.uk/tiara-weddings.html

WM click here to view the issue

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