Bridal session with Bluebells – sneak peek

I decided to do something for fun today…. so I went photographing. :) How I wanted and what I wanted – with no brief, not restrictions, no client, no obligation. Just me, the model and my nikon. ¬† (…and the bag of lenses, lamps, tripods….) ūüėČ

Although I’m overwhelmed with work at the moment I simply couldn’t resist this opportunity. When I met up with Sam and Alun (soon to be married) for their engagement session yesterday they took me to the forest ¬†they used to spend their Sunday afternoons in. In my most distant dreams I did not expect this place to be looking like that!! Of course I heard of bluebells, but somehow I didn’t realise they’d be looking THAT ACE! :))) I didn’t have a lot of time to photograph the couple (as you can imagine they’ve been busy with more important things than hanging around with me and my camera!) but when driving back home I decided to come back onto this location before the bluebells die (which is supposed to happen within the next couple of days). I looked at my diary thinking ¬†‘now or never’ , ¬†made a few phone calls arranging the dress, accessories and of course – ¬†MUA and model. I doubted any of the girls would be available on a 18 hours notice but I was extremely lucky! :))) Bexi is my new Muse, she looked breathtaking and Sarah did a wonderful job as always. Have a look at a couple of images, I had an absolute blast. :)

Special thanks to : Bexi for modelling for me,¬†Helen & Andrew for the dresses and accessories ( ‘do you believe’ ¬†bridal shop’s website ),¬†Sarah for her make up and hair work ¬†(¬†Sarah’s¬†website ).

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  • Marcus Tucker

    Breathtakingly beautiful images indeed – congrats! :)

  • Eddie

    Absolutely stunning and very inspiring work.

  • Lisa Dawn

    Beautiful colours, light and model. Glad you took the opportunity to make the most of the Bluebells while they are out! Well worth it!

  • Emma Hillier


  • phototom

    Thank you so much guys, so glad you liked these! :)

  • Aksela

    Amazing location, gorgeous model and the final effect… Ahhh, amazing !

  • Tim Bishop

    Aga, absolutely amazing work! Love the colours, use of light and styling of the model, ready for any magazine cover Tx

  • Kab

    Aga, I love your photography! This set just blows me away. The location, the model, the dress, and your awesome work makes the final product just absolutely stunning and amazing!

    You must share with me how you post-process and I’m sure you do very little.

    -Kab from Flickr

  • Maggie Fortson

    Your work is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • Samantha Bailey

    Is this the location Alun & I revealed to you?? Beautiful xxxx

  • phototom

    Thank you all so much – I’m overwhelmed with the positive feedback here! :)))

    Sam – yes of course, I told you I was going there the following day! I dropped all the work and did this shoot. :) xxx

  • Larissa Browning

    Aga, such a great photoshoot! The mood, the dresses, the location, everything is just like a fairytale! love it. Keep up with your inspiration, beauty and talent within you!

  • Nicole Blumberg

    your photos are always amazing. So talented and very inspirational

  • Karolina

    Urocza sceneria! Ta gŇāńôbia mnie urzeka. Obr√≥bka-miodzio.

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