pre wedding photography @ 3 cliffs bay Carolyn & Mark

Carolyn and Mark planned to go to 3 cliffs bay for pre wedding photographs from the very first moment we met; this is where they got engaged and it seemed like a Ā great idea to visit and recreate the mood. The other Friday afternoon we chose was absolutely stunning – sunny and hot, beginning of a proper summer weekend and I was a bit worried seeing the beach busy as ever with loads of people swimming, sun bathing, playing – it just didn’t look like 3 cliffs bay at all! After a bit of hike down the hill we finally got to the beach and found this beautiful intimate bay completely abandoned – this is where the first couple of images are taken. The tide was moving so fast though that couple of minutes later we almost got completely cut off and had to literally run through the waist deep water to go back to the main beach (this is WHY there was no one there!) Wish I had taken a photograph of Mark carrying scared of water Carolyn but to be honest the only thing on my mind was to rescue the camera bag more than anything including my own life! šŸ˜‰

I very much like this set of pictures. Carolyn and Mark are a wonderful couple full of life and ratherĀ adventurous! I loved the props they arranged, we didn’t manage to use a few but I’m hoping to fix that on their wedding day. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed our little trip, and I hope you like the photographs too. Ā  x x


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  • Lucy

    Amazing as always Aga! Can’t wait to book our venue so we can book you! xx

  • mark stenner

    Still think am spoiling the scenery.

    ps all the splashing around broke my watch šŸ˜‰

  • Sue R

    They are amazing, absolutely fantastic pics, they have really done you both justice xx

  • Sian Hopkins

    Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait for the wedding and Carolyn’s gorgeous dress! X

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