Frances and Rob countryside wedding – Part 2

My headache went away so here’s part 2 of Frances and Rob wedding  – couple photoshoot,  late afternoon and evening.

I have to say Frances and Rob’s wedding day was thoroughly enjoyable in every aspect. Good weather, warm welcome, relaxed atmosphere, delicious food that I was lucky to taste, fun bunch of friends & family and most importantly bride & groom – at ease, down to earth,  positive about everything. I could spread my wings during the couple photo shoot as it lasted a good 40 min whilst both Frances and Rob were up for trying quite a few different ideas. I loved the fact that we walked and the scenario was changing – as well as the weather; sunny intervals is my most favourite weather as it provides beautiful variety for photographs.

Throwing the bouquet was fabulous, it would work absolutely perfect with second photographer on alternative lens (focused on the girls catching) but I was photographing this wedding on my own so had to do my best with just one pair of hands. :)  And the cake – haha, makes me chuckle when I look at the images. :)) home made wedding cake was all sliding when attempted to form three layers; you can see how it’s falling apart when the couple tries to pose with it and formally ‘cut it’. :))) But in all honesty I don’t think it could work any better for the atmosphere and photogrpahs, LOVE the moments it created, guests with their cameras laughing at the whole scene, panic in bride’s eyes – everything. So natural, fun and… real. :)

I hope you like the two sets of this totally rocking wedding celebration. Frances wanted her wedding images to be all in colour, that’s why you won’t find pretty much any black and white images here. From my side I was tempted to turn some into monos but the client’s wish was more important than my personal taste. I do agree that this almost entirely outdoor summer wedding looks very good in colour.  Do you think? x

I brought my’million per minute’ bubble machine and guess what – it ran out of batteries. I obviously had spare batteries in my camera bag but it turned out that I needed a screwdriver to open the battery box! That I did not have on me (there are loads of things in my camera bag but screwdriver isn’t one of them… I’m a girl for God’s sake!) So – this was the one and only bubble image I managed to capture before the machine went entirely kaputt.  :) 

I suggested to Rob to take his jacket off and throw it over his shoulder, whilst doing so he realised the label hasn’t been taken off yet! He must have been rushing to the church in the morning. :)

Thank you for getting till this point. :)

Do click on ‘Frances and Rob countryside wedding part 1’ below and have a look at earlier events from this day if you haven’t already.  x


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  • Rachael Kelly

    wonderful :)

  • Az

    I should have left a comment the first time I looked at this wedding. I wish more couples would ‘do it’ like this. I am glad I saw the superb lantern shots as my couple next weekend are having them too.

    I’m so glad you live far away from me Aga……I would loose so much work to you if you were near me.

    • phototom

      Ha ha ha what a wrong joke! Az you broke my heart, I thought you’d very much like me live closer!

      This wedding was totally different , informal and beautiful, I really enjoyed it. Lanterns are great to shoot, you’ll love it! xx

  • Allison Reisz

    How fun was this wedding!! :)
    Your images are inspiring!

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