Kala and Jaro – Polish wedding :)

Really quick as I could talk about this one for hours. I’ve only just got back home from my few days break in Poland. I’ve never photographed a wedding there and although I knew what to expect, to actually PHOTOGRAPH IT turned out to mean something completely different. I won’t even let myself start typing about it.

Still hangovered I downloaded the images onto the hard drive and selected a random few for the newly weds.  Thank you to the bride and groom for making me feel welcomed, helping with everything, arranging everything, explaining everything etc… Not so much of a thank you to Jaro for adding to my Polish vodka experience using every possible excuse, even leaning towards mental torture (!) to make me join another round of shots (and another, and another…)  :O You will pay for this one day my friend!  😉

Only a very few, random images from the weekend of hot summer weather, pretty darn awesome FOOD, new friendships, new experiences, the air full of love and crazy partying. Polish wedding is a one huge party. No formalities (other than the church), no group photography, no couple photoshoot, just people laughing, drinking, kissing, dancing and following the silliest traditions for fun. I will show it all one day. :)

Congratulations to you Kala and Jaro, what you have is so very special…; I know it sounds really cheesy but I don’t seem to be able to find better words to describe it.  x x

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  • paul thurlow

    I love polish weddings, your right its such a fun day and tons of traditions and best of all that great disco polo music. last one i did I had an accident and had to drink to keep the pain away. :) Fabulous pictures!

  • phototom

    I can’t stand disco polo!!! But no matter how bad it is you just enjoy it at weddings. It must be down to the alcohol level in your blood. 😉 This one was more of a folk music I’d say, although some disco polo sure happened too… :)

  • Sarah Stone

    Beautifully captured Aga – just stunning. Any Bride would be lucky to have you as you’re not just a Photographer… you’re a true ARTIST x

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