pre wedding photography @ Nash Point – Clare and Paul

With the wedding season still in full swing my engagement sessions are coming to an end before the winter weddings. At the moment I still have two to do, and two more September ones to edit but after that – wedding and only wedding editing so you won’t be seeing so many ‘normally’ dressed people on this blog. :)

I have been so lucky with the most fabulous couples enthusiastically engaged into these sessions with me. It’s great working with people who are prepared to go the extra mile – with me doing my usual extra mile (hah!) results of those shoots are joy for my heart. :) To all photographers, don’t we all love the feeling of ‘trying something we haven’t before’ or being given a bit of space to do things differently as oppose to follow the routines (which is something I’m quite openly scared of!)

The below images were this kind of fresh wave for me, you most probably won’t find them any different to ‘what I normally do’ but there are little ¬†bits and bobs that I gave a go for the first time and am pleased with the outcome.

Introducing Clare and Paul, about to get married in just a couple of days! x x x

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  • Tim Bishop

    Great variety Aga! creative use of the fish eye, works well with the straight edges of the cliff Txxx

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