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At last the feature is out so I am allowed to show it! :))) You can find my grooms wear fashion photographs in the fashion section of Your Wedding Day Magazine, September issue. I was invited to take part in a photo shoot organised specifically for this fashion spread, with Welsh businesses participating and Brendan from Your Wedding Day creative directing. I have done fair amount of fashion work in my history but  have never worked with male models solely  – so it was an interesting venture especially that my models were Mr Wales and two runners! We decided on Dyffryn Gardens for the shoot’s location and were very lucky with the summer weather on a day. I had fun working with 3 charming men, and thank you to Anthony who despite the broken foot  fancied keeping me company. :)

below few more images displayed big, plus some that didn’t make it to the feature.

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  • Az

    Congrats Aga!
    The photographs are lovely.

  • KL

    These are stunning!
    You should put these on your facebook page.
    Great job!

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