Tiara magazine publication

Rachael submitted her wedding to Tiara magazine and was accepted for their real brides spread. I’m very happy for her, especially that the editor used my favorite portrait for the main photograph.

This wedding seems to me so distant in time although really it was only 9 months ago that I attended this beautiful celebration at The Bear hotel. So much happened over the last 9 months in my work life!..

Hope you enjoy this little feature. Publicity wise there are two front covers with my work coming (very chuffed with this!), a real wedding feature in Welsh magazine and another in national press early next year. These are the publications I secured earlier and apart from those I reckon there aren’t going to be many more in the future. One day when I have a bit more time I’ll share my thoughts over the subject of gaining publicity, how it all works and why I won’t be doing it any more on the scale I have so far.

and apart from that, quite unexpectedly I noticed my image used by Helen from ‘do you believe’ bridal shop for her advert, the ¬†right bottom corner, model: Alex. Cover of the magazine to the left – not mine.



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