It’s a pleasure to be able to show this wonderful barn wedding of Menna and Simon who were married on the 25th of June 2011. It was one of my most favourite weddings of all times, it was a photographic feast even though the weather wasn’t perfect (and that’s probably the only thing that could have been better!)

Thank you to Jaro for photographing with me at this wedding, he did an absolutely great job.

Because it’s 3.30am already (damn!) I best go to bed. I’ll type some words in the next spare moment. Images tell the best story anyway. :)  x



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  • Az

    So many great pictures, And I can see you worked very hard at this wedding as usual. Love the Beetle but which I hadn’t seen it as I’m now missing mine.

    Awesomeness x

  • Tina Ashley

    Stunning photos. I love the one of the bride stood in the archway.

  • Christina

    All your work is always amazing. I love seeing your new stuff. Very inspirational!

  • Ceri davies

    I will def keep u in mind for my wedding these pics r amazing x

  • Jarek Lepak

    I’d like to see this post but since you’ve uploaded it I can only see the first 3 pics. Could you kind of refresh it or something? Is it only me? :) My pc or net? Every other post is fine. Jaro :)

  • phototom

    Thank you all!

    Jarek, must be you, it works fine here and I haven’d had any other complaints… maybe it’s wordress and the reason why I see it fine now is because it’s cached? I don’t know. Give it couple of hours and look again, may be down to the domain or something. xx

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