wedding photography @ the Celtic Manor – Harry and Tom

Totally awesome, one of my favorites from last summer, wedding of Angharad and Tom at the Celtic Manor. Absolutely wonderful day with some amazing people and joyful atmosphere. I seriously struggled with this post and ended up making it massive, even bigger than usual although every time I get to blog I promise myself to be making blog posts smaller, only few essential shots and that’s it like majority of wedding photographers do. But when it comes to it I always feel like I’d miss out not showing all the aspects, not including the key moments, I don’t know… I wouldn’t know HOW to choose say ‘best 30 photographs’ for the blog post. So here you are, ‘the best 300(?)’ which is obviously majority of the wedding gallery. :O (google isn’t going to like it I’m afraid, hope you guys don’t mind that much!)


Harry and Tom found me through another client of mine who kindly recommended me to her work colleague (she’s done it more than once actually, thank you Kylee!) we met up for a meeting at the Celtic Manor few months before the wedding but then due to the couple’s busy life style we really struggled fitting the engagement session in. Managed in the end, 6 days before the wedding…  which was rather mad, but since my life turned mad last Spring (and stayed this way ever since) Harry and Tom fitted the theme perfectly. 😉 We got this totally perfect summer weather for the pre wedding shoot, (see it here if you like, it was fab!: ) and were wondering what the sky was going to look like on their wedding day few days later. Thankfully, the wedding couple and their guests were more than lucky with the Welsh summer. On their big day they had everything: strong wind, sun, clouds and rain, the whole spectrum which really added to the photographs.

Because the editing work is chasing me and I can’t really afford typing much these days (!!!) I’ll stop it here hoping that the below photographs will give you good enough insight into Harry and Tom’s wedding day. Thank you to Raf who worked his back side off that day and contributed with some really good captures to the below set. Hope you enjoy. x x

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    So damned cool!!

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    Stunning images!

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    Fabulous images! :-)

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