wedding photography @ Cardiff Bay, Newport & Llantwit Major – Kala & Jaro

So… I don’t even know where to start! Maybe I should just say nothing. No, I can’t, that wouldn’t be me!  😀

I need to say this: I wish this practice of having ‘another day’ photoshoot was as popular in Britain as it is in the US and the rest of Europe. Being given 5 minutes on the day on my own with bride and groom, limited by the venue (not always the most photogenic) and the weather on a day really does affect these portraits and often doesn’t allow to spread the wings or be creative.  As you’ll see below we had total control over this photo session, we chose the weather, locations and spent hours having fun and trying everything that came to our minds.

Bride and groom came to my place to get ready and we started photographing in Newport’s Belle View park. Aiming at capturing some beach portraits we then headed towards Llantwit Major but just before reaching the sea shore we stuck on the field with hale bales (I just couldn’t miss this one no chance…)  and by the time we were bored with this location the sun went down + we were all frozen to death desperate for a break. :) After dinner and recharging batteries we left for the evening part around Cardiff Bay. We parted ways at 1am, tired but buzzing. :)

Have a look at the newly wed portraits  below. I personally think they add another dimension to my wedding portfolio and as soon as I find a spare moment to update my website most of them will end up on the front page… :) I should probably add – bride and groom are a stupidly gorgeous couple. But not only this – beautiful AND natural, playful, romantic, dynamic, fun… the list goes on. I believe the photographs show their characters perfectly. x x

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  • Zara Dowthwaite

    Wow! these are so stunning! I bet you are proud of these Aga! they are absolutely beautiful!

  • Maja Maciejewska

    Gorgeous ! I’m really impressed :)))

  • paul thurlow

    ale ladne

  • Shauna

    Wow! One of the best sets of wedding couple portraits I’ve seen! Isn’t it nice when you can take all the time you need & pick the locations and the light? Well done.

  • Panos

    Aga, the first thing I’m going to comment is the crisp and clarity in all the series, and most important the white balance, great work. The hale shots are truly perfect, the dramatic sky in the background is simply breathtaking.

    It is nice to see that you have gone for a variety of angles while in the field and have chosen some stunning moments to achieve the desired result, it really shows the thinking process and creativity in your work, well done.

    It’s about making it happen, and you have made it happen!


  • Catherine

    Wow! Your photography is just stunning! Incredible! What an inspiration :) I want to be you when I grow up 😉

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