wedding photography – Kala & Jaro

Introducing a one of kind wedding of Kala and Jaro’s in their home town Elblag in Poland.

This short break in Poland was definitely the best 3 days of my summer 2011, was spoilt to rotten with food, shopping and proper summer weather and simply enjoyed life away from my computer, photoshop, email and so on. :)

But most of all I enjoyed the wedding day itself. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of something  so personal, so exceptional and grand but at the same time so down to earth. It’s hard to describe the way Poles celebrate weddings. There is no etiquette, and at the same time there’s a lot of it, no formalities, but there are rigid elements that are just bound to happen. Elegance is mixed with folk, tears with laughter, joke and tease are taken to the extend acceptable only at weddings. Drinking games, kissing games, dancing games, loads of food, even more alcohol, stuffed stomachs and buzz on the dance floor. Loads of singing (!!!) cheering and hugging strangers. Really odd but so natural.  Oh – and THE BAND. There has to be band, DJs for weddings are a rarity. Proper, folk band, very particular way of entertaining and music that you wouldn’t quite hear on the radio… 😉

It was definitely the most fun wedding I have ever photographed. Having attended a few Polish weddings in my life (mostly as a child or teenager) I’ve never been photographing one which turned to be quite a task. There were few surprises, few challenges, but mostly I was just laughing to tears and loving every minute.

I can’t type as much as Id like (it’s 3.30am, so typical off me!) about this fantastic experience, I’ll leave you to the set of wedding images.

Thank you to bride, groom and their families for such warm welcome, the famous Polish hospitality is famous for a reason. :)

One last thing for me to mention is that you won’t find any bride and groom portraits in  the below set, Kala & Jaro booked separate photoshoot with me for after the big day that we spent entirely on photographs, I’ll blog about it tomorrow, this late hour is killing me! :)

Images from these two portrait session on the blog tomorrow… well today actually, after I’ve had some sleep. :) xx

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  • Az

    I wish I was a guest at this wedding, it looks like everyone had so much fun. You’ve caught so many beautiful moments here Aga. Love the B/W’s of the bride getting ready,the shots of them happy couple exiting the church, and especially your dancefloor shots (well done for lying on the floor).

    Utterly Superb!

  • phototom

    Thanks Az! Glad you like the dance floor shots, I do like them as well… Haven’t heard from the couple yet, need to find out they like them too to relax (way too paranoid after the recent case hah!) It doesn’t help that the groom is professional photographer himself… :)


  • Tim Bishop

    Wow Aga! I agree with Az I wish I was at this wedding too, it looks so much fun! Great timing and framing make incredible coverage of this wedding! Tx

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