Your South Wales Wedding cover

Freshly emailed by the editor of the magazine, doesn’t it look FAB?! :))) So happy another real bride of mine ends up where she belongs – on the cover of  a bridal magazine! :) Really, really chuffed, this image was taken in Sarah’s living room before we left for the ceremony.  Dear brides – think about the place you’re getting ready at, whether it has features like elegant/quirky wallpapers, furniture, beautiful window light etc… and decide whether you are willing to sacrifice few minutes on bridal portraits at the point where you’re looking your most perfect self. It does pay off. :)

The magazine will be out in shops on 30th of Dec but I was allowed to show off with the cover straight away. Magazines website for you to explore:

Sarah and Matt’s wedding blogged here:

Huge thank you to the design team for featuring my work. :)

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  • martencja

    Aguś no rewelacja!!!! Ale cudownie 😀 No widzisz że same sukcesy…. Po prostu za skromna jesteś 😉 Po prostu grautlacje Kochana 😀 może prześlesz mi egzemplarz????

    ściskam mocno


  • phototom

    no jasne dawaj adres! :)) xxx

  • Sarah brazier

    Wow sar this amazing. Congrats for being on the cover xxx

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