Clare & Paul – wedding photography @ New House Hotel, Thornhill

Introducing a fabulous couple Clare and Paul on their wedding day in New House Hotel, Thornhill.

I would like to take this opportunity (haha how formal! 😉 )  to explain that I’m changing my approach to blogging. 🙂 I will be making my posts smaller and smaller and smaller until I’ve developed a skill of choosing my favorite 20 photographs of one wedding (rather than 200 which is what used to happen!) What you see below is significantly less images to what I used to show but still far too many of them, and this is my first step on the road to ‘blogger friendly’ (hah!) posts. The reason for all this is very simple: creating huge blog posts takes me ages (don’t even ask how long!) and I simply can’t afford it. I look at other photographers blogs thinking  ‘why one earth are my blog posts sooo huge?!?!’. So I decided to give up the approach of  ‘showing the full story’. Now I will only be uploading few quirkiest, my personal favorite (of  various photographic reasons or simply down to my taste) photographs.

Having said all that the below post contains still loads of images, and is meant to be the bridge between the old and the new. 😉 I hope you like, it was such a beautiful day! And the most gorgeous couple ever.  🙂 x

Bride and Groom: Clare & Paul

wedding date: 18th September 2011

wedding ceremony & reception: New House Hotel, Thornhill, Cardiff


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  • Tim Bishop

    Superb set of photos Aga. Beautiful bride, great landscape portraits overlooking Cardiff. You’ve done the New House brilliantly before but this was better again! How you’re going to stop yourself from showing no more than 20 I don’t know, I’ll believe when I see it, but definitely better way to go for you to have more time. I enjoyed all 130 something photos 🙂 Tx

  • phototom

    No way, is it really 130?!?!! I was so proud of myself that I made this post ‘smaller’! Oh well… I have a lot to learn… ;))

    Thank you Tim!


  • Tomasz

    I follow your blog posts and like very much the big number of pictures you publish. In my opinion it is great advertisement and simply helps you to book the weddings. It is also get oportunity for photographers and myself to learn composition and
    see how you approached particular situation in order to capture it with taste. Hopefully it will take you time to go from 130 to 20 🙂

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