Maja (it’s snowing!)

had fun with my little girl taking some snowy portraits this morning. Hope you’re all enjoying snow and having great, relaxing weekend. 🙂

We came back home and carried on some creative activities… myself in Lightroom (couldn’t quite stop myself from having a look and quick touch up of a few favrouite shots) whilst Maja painted and drew on the coffee table behind my back. When she brought me this drawing to show I had a good chuckle. This is literally how we looked few minutes earlier in the garden when it snowed so heavily. 😀

HA HA H A HA HA HA HA, I love her so much. 😀

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  • gabriela

    she is sooo pretty. great pictures Aga!! and I love the little painting of you&her! I wish I saw you in that hat ! you both look so happy!

  • Sarah

    Stunning portraits. She is so beautiful and what an artistic talent! x

  • Tracey Barrow

    I’m spellbound at these, seriously beautiful shots of a seriously beautiful little girl – wow!

    Can I have just a teensy bit of your talent 😉

    T x

  • Az

    So cute…..we didn’t get any snow on the south coast….just rain 🙁

  • Hayley Porter

    Such a gorgeous little girl. Amazing work – truly inspiring as always.

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