Newborn hats – photography props

In between one wedding and another just a very quick post on some exciting newborn photography plans. :] Below I’ve uploaded the newest photography props my mum made over the last 2 months, I’m super excited to be playing with them this Spring. Newborn photography is like a treat and creative distraction for me rather than main focus of my photographic work, something I thoroughly enjoy but am not looking to expand in this area business wise. At the moment I’m only booking one newborn session per month and I do apologize for the declining messages I sometimes end up sending.

Moving away from the [boring!] business talk let me just share the thought of how much I LOVE the fact my mum is such an amazing knitter/crocheter/seamstress and that she’s helping me, sharing my excitement and cheering for me from the moment I first picked up a camera 3.5 yrs ago.  She lives far away but very close to my heart, never stopped supporting me especially during really low times and believed in me when no one else did, including myself…

…not to go down the sobby route what I’m trying to say here really is that I have [simply] the best mum in the world.  :]

And here are the newborn photography props, she’s getting really good at it! :)

The top left hat took my mum something like 1.5 days to make – she was staying at mine then getting sooo angry with this time consuming pattern it makes me laugh when I think about it haha. I guess she would not offer to make this hat again for the chunkiest fee ever! :D But I love it the most of all, I think it looks just great, well worth… all these hours… of work…. sorry mum! :D  

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  • Mike McInerney

    I love your mums hats she is very clever….I was actually looking at patterns for my mum to knit for me for some newborn sessions…Only trouble is I need some little people to shoot !

    I must say your work is outstanding ! You are very talented

    Kind regards


  • The quality of these hats is superb. I ordered several for use in the studio and was amazed at how good they are. Many thanks. Richard. Aspect Photography of Cambridge.

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