pre wedding photography – Beth & Jazz

I’ve just started editing engagements photographed over the last few months to be ready in time for the first bunch of weddings  starting late March. First in the queue, Beth and Jazz and their wedding blessing that I’ll be privileged to photograph very soon. We spent a great afternoon together and even managed to capture some snow (you can tell it was in the process of melting but still photogenic! 😉  And what an amazing location it was – at least I enjoyed shooting there a lot!

On another note I have purchased and installed a tool that will help me blog quicker – yay! Very excited to be using it and perhaps get back to more intense blogging! (in terms of images, not words – of course – unless someone invents an app or plug in tackling straight-from-head-speedy-typing-with-style-and-grammar-automatic-corrections. 😀 x x


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  • Nicki

    LOVE the light in the snowy photos 🙂

  • Tim

    Beautiful set Aga, I’ve always wanted to get out to this reservoir, what an epic landscape! Very cute couple and wonderfully captured. I tried not to look at your blog but I love it so much, maybe I’ll save it until the end of the wedding season 🙂 Txx

  • phototom

    Haha Tim, I’m flattered you’re looking! 🙂 Thank you! xxx

  • paul thurlow

    fantastic set , love the drama and the crisp feel

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