re branding in progress. :)

This has been on my mind for a long time now and over the last few weeks I’ve finally managed to pull some strings and make my wishes and dreams start turning into shape.

Saying that photoTOM has never been my favorite brand name is an understatement. I have always really, REALLY disliked it. When starting out 3 years ago I knew very little about where this journey was to take me and whether it was about to turn into something serious at all. A lot have changed since I registered my little business under the first made-up name that came to my mind. And for as long as I remember I’ve been itching to change it, feeling as though blunt and graceless  ‘photoTOM’  was almost holding me back. Opening messages starting with ‘hey Tom’ definitely had their entertaining side but other than that this brand name was placing me in the wrong end of the market and sending across  untrue message of the character of photography & photographer herself.

In January 2012 it’s been 3 years since I made the maddest decision of becoming professional photographer. It has been a great adventure so far and I am hoping to take it to the next level. There are some amazing photographic plans for this year, with everything in mind re branding feels just right at this point. So I’m doing it, no turning back. 🙂

This blog post is only meant to explain why I haven’t been posting lately, I have SO MUCH to show but decided to reserve it for my new website and  new blog – both should appear over the next few days/week or so.

I look forward to working with more amazing couples under my new brand name. I hope to continue pushing limits of my photography and  improving skill,  keep trying out new ideas, travel more and just never run out of this buzz photography gives me every single time.

I will speak to you from my new domain soon.  🙂  (yayy!)


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