engagement photography in the rain – Liz and Stephen

I have so many recent sessions to show from the past few months but going with the spirit of this years Spring I decided to show this rainy, drizzly engagement in Ogmore. Lovely couple, fantastic car and terrible weather. 🙂
Thank you to Anthony for being my flash holder and filming the shoot for me. I’ll obviously post the video one day it’s ready. 🙂

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  • Marcin

    What you do is just incredible. Everyday I admire your photos. Keep on inspiring me 🙂

  • tim

    Love the film like editing to these, something that I’m looking to do as I absolutely love it! Tx

  • Ryan

    Fair play Aga, it’s hard to push your work but this ones a step up. Killer set x

  • Aga

    Eeeekkkk thanks guys, glad you like. 🙂 I like a lot too!
    Ryan – cheers budy, that’s an awesome thing to hear (read). :)) xx

  • ADVaughan

    Photo’s came out so nice Aga!!!

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