Making the most out of my day and blogging during lightroom export. 😉 Below Clara and Guff’s engagement session that took place back in Feb, cold but cheerful afternoon we spent together within their wedding venue grounds of St Donats Castle. I had a chance to see this pretty amazing location, St Donats is one of my ‘I want to photograph there’ venue list so am well excited for Cara and Gufff’s celebration. I quietly hope we’ll be more lucky with the weather on their wedding day as engagement session afternoon was pretty unfriendly – gloomy, drizzly and freezing cold.

Here are a few of my favorite  photographs of Clara and Guff,  hope you like. x

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  • bastian

    hai aga
    do u use flash on this pics the whole time? im just wondering why the pics so evenly lit?
    or it was metering technique?


  • Aga

    Hey Bastian, no of course not, no flash whatsoever. Just natural light. I love natural light and choose it very carefully. x

  • bastian

    hai aga thank you for ur reply.
    one more thing, do u always use 24 70 most of the time or 70 200?
    or you prefer primes?


  • Aga

    I prefer primes. Although zoom comes in handy with weddings so I use it more often then. At the engagements where I have the time to play around I’d say I use primes 65% of the time. The rest is 24-70, 70-200, macro, wide and fish eye.

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