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Here we come to the ‘little more about me section’ also known as ‘every wedding photographer’s nightmare’…! Long time ago I discovered that wedding photographers mostly find it incredibly hard to talk about themselves. Close friends of mine as well as other contacts from the creative industry have all confirmed that writing ‘about’ paragraphs gives them headache of the worst kind.

So here is my guess on what my potential clients would find relevant when looking for a wedding photographer.

Currently based in Cardiff I have been photographing weddings across the UK and {far} beyond its borders. As much as I love traveling I also enjoy the comfort of a local wedding every now and then. South Wales is an incredible place to get married in with its variety of architecture and landscape; its coastline offers a great scope of wedding venues from historic castles through barns, modern hotels all the way up to temporary marquises, tipis and festival tents (sometimes I feel as though I’ve seen it all by now!) and there is so much more to Welsh landscape than just beautiful beaches and cliff tops! This is the moment when I suggest you flick through my portfolio and see weddings I photographed at the mighty Brecon Beacons, Cardiff town, Gower Peninsula and so much more… Judging by the amount of London & abroad based clients of mine who choose South Wales for their wedding location I’m guessing I’m not the only one in love with this part of the world.

After I graduated from the architectural and urban design I worked for a short period of time as an architect to then begin my wedding photography adventure in early 2009. It is fair to say that it has taken over my life ever since. I absolutely love the connection between art, design and overall creativity with the social element and technical skill that being a good wedding photographer requires. I have a true passion for all the things beautifully designed, I’m also forever inspired with people’s {love} stories, connections between, their outlook on life. There is something incredibly special about being given the privilege of photographing a wedding and becoming responsible for people’s most special memories.

Apart from weddings I really enjoy the creative engagement sessions with my wedding couples. We often build it up into a half a day or day out on a meaningful (or just staggeringly beautiful) location, with breaks for food, outfit change and touch ups if required. We laugh a lot and let go of all potential worries related to ‘being photographed on a wedding day’. I recommend the pre wedding shoot to everyone who feels non-photogenic, stressed out in front of the camera or simply to those who would appreciate some creative portraits with the loved one.

If you are planning a destination wedding take a look at my destination weddings gallery to see the portfolio created under sizzling sun with breathtaking views and often mind-blowing architecture. Get in touch if you’d like me to quote a wedding abroad.