Kirsty and Alex got married on 5th of April 2012 and made their celebrations totally exceptional. It was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve attended to date.

Above all the visual beauty and effort put into the day, places and moments I feel prompt to point out that these two lucky people have the most amazing family I ever got to know through my work and it was an utter pleasure to photograph them on this occasion. Last year I was privileged to capture  Alex’s sister Kylee getting married and perhaps that’s what made the second wedding within the family feel so personal. Us photographers like saying ‘we were part of the day, we were welcomed’ etc… but on 5th of April I felt this was taken onto the whole new level for me and it was pretty AWESOME. ;)

Even with things like vintage bus breaking down round the corner from bride’s house(!) K-J & Alex’s wedding was just utterly fabulous, cheerful, tearful and a total TREAT to capture. Kirsty with her Disney princess face looked and photographed beyond stunning, the styling, venue(s) and all the details looked incredible – I struggled with the shutter count on a day. ;)

Huge, enormous thank you to Al from for second shooting with me that day, his captures added so much depth to this wedding set. Jacuzzi, pink pants, boys getting ready and many many more aspects of the day are down to his great eye and fancy camera. ;)

OK that’s enough of me talking, I’ll leave you the photographs.  x x

I don’t know if you remember HOW FREEZING this years April was!!! 

And some backstage doodles. ;)