2018 you tough cookie!

I could sit here, look back and reflect on all things good and bad but I’ll spare you. There’ll be another blog post summarising an amazing year of wedding photography but this right here is about Andrew and I playing grown-ups, buying a house, stripping it down to bare bones and bringing it back together again. It seems such a common thing to do, most people I know have been there so it couldn’t be that hard, right? Errrm. 

I’ll leave the full story for when you come round for a nice cuppa  (or a big, round glass of gin, subject to personal preference ;) ) but let me just say this: I’m so happy it’s done, it’s ended, the worst is behind us and all that. WE’RE IN, all of our belongings are here, we have mattresses to sleep on and working radiators! There’s still a lot of builders dust everywhere, we’re lacking furniture, we call our garden ‘The Battlefield’ but WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE ALREADY.

We can now stop the builder’s breakfasts at Selco and greeting Screwfix staff as family. We can get off Pinterest, Amazon, Youtube and Mumsnet (don’t judge! We could not have done it without Mumsnet!). I’ve started sleeping with no trouble again. I binned most of my wardrobe which was covered in cement, glue, silicon, paint, you name it, so now I resemble a human on days other than just when I shoot weddings!

With the exception of all structural work, plastering, new boiler & electrics which required a certificate, we’ve done everything ourselves. ‘We’ meaning Adam (my Polish Dad who flew in twice and stayed for several weeks with us doing some absolutely splendid work), Andrew and I, in this very order. I deserve the least credit, I admit to being the weakest member of the team and only just about making it here SANE. 

From drawing and submitting the planning application, through attaching kitchen worktops to hemming curtains we’ve been there and done that, we learnt tonnes and made so many mistakes, some funny, some painful(ly expensive). 

Most of the house is still rough around the edges but I’ll be sharing more photos as we slowly settle in. I’ll also gather a list of thank yous and credits for professional work we had done. Today I quickly wanted to show you THE KITCHEN. It’s about 80% done, a few ideas still to implement but the core is there. Here is what we started with:


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 18.33.35

It was a tiny space which we turned into a downstairs bathroom and utility room. We built a large extension and put the new kitchen there.

I guess one of the most rewarding feelings of the last 9 months work is seeing this heart of the house come to shape. My kitchen is filled with all the things I love, arranged to suit my lifestyle, looking how I wanted it to look, customised to the last square inch. It’s amazing to have made it happen, and made it happen at a rather tight budget. But don’t let me waffle, I could type for hours, quite literally.

I’ll share more photos from other areas of the house soon I promise! We’re waiting for some new furniture to arrive, until then it’s bare walls and old/temporary furniture, not worth pointing a camera at! The kitchen photos below: