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ry to see your wedding the way that you’ve always imagined it. I want to make that image real. I think that often the simplest things in life are the most precious. The most perfect weddings celebrate what is human and imperfect and the occasional hiccup is all a part of the unpredictable energy and beauty of the day. It’s what adds to the memory and makes each wedding unique.

I have developed a keen eye for love and discovered that it doesn’t always look the way you prepared for it to be. Sometimes it’s as much about a granddad howling with laughter at the speeches, or just the aura newlyweds spread around them through the whole day, as it is about the ceremony, kiss or first dance. These are the little moments that I really want to connect to and be a small part of. My passion is to take photographs that are impossible not to smile at. That are impossible to forget. That you look at again and again.

I will work closely with both of you to get to the heart of what you want from your wedding. We will end up with something that you will cherish and which is unmistakably your own. So, if you’d like to meet me then I’d like to meet you. Just drop me a line and let’s talk about you, your vision, your story and my photographs.



how I shoot

Wedding Photographers South WalesFor me, humour is almost a matter of principle when I’m photographing a wedding, but it’s also a tool. A smile is always helpful to get a grumpy page boy to cooperate or the vicar to let me photograph the ceremony from the front (there is no vicar? That’s great, humanist ceremonies rock!) I try to be unnoticed and blend in as much as possible when I’m shooting but in practice this isn’t always easy.

I often get approached by various guests asking me questions ranging from ‘what camera is this and how many photos have you taken today?’ to ‘do you want a drink?’ and ‘can I take a photo of you?’. I see this as all a part of the rhythm of my work. The social aspect of weddings is part of what I love most about them. Weddings are all about people – the connections between them and the atmosphere they create.

Getting to know the crowd and the relationships within it is part of telling the story of the day. It is important that I work in the background in order to allow the story to have its own voice – the B&G/bridal party session being the only moment during which I would step in to give suggestions and directions, with a view to capturing the most flattering and creative angles and poses.


the day & beyond

Cardiff Wedding PhotographerMy approach to shooting weddings is very simple, I’d describe it with two words: {absolutely} NO FUSS. You don’t have to worry about me, weddings are stressful enough without adding photography to the long list of ‘what might go wrong’.

A personal meeting is recommended before booking so that both sides are sure they can spend 12h in each other’s company 😉 . The rest of the process happens over email unless we can spoil each other with the addition of the engagement session, of course.

On a wedding morning I arrive usually 3hours before the ceremony and capture the day in a documentary manner, only stepping in during the couple’s portrait session (and only if required. If you’re happy to just be fabulous without me telling you what to do, which way to turn and where to look – I’m more than happy to follow. Otherwise a little direction is what I offer whilst still keeping things as natural as possible).

What you receive from me is a large collection of unforced, creative, dynamic and as romantic-as-you-happen-to-be, images – a photographic reportage of your day ranging from macro shots of your jewellery all the way to wide angles, contextual captures, portraits, action shots etc…

Be prepared to LOVE THEM ALL. Also, it’s probably good to be prepared for your wedding collection to look nothing like anything you’ve seen before. I would strongly recommend that you do not try to plan every detail of your wedding photography.

Try not to make lists of photographs you want because the chances are that you will end up disappointed when they don’t meet your pinterest expectations.  Every wedding is different, and every wedding set (even created at the same venue) is different.

Why not leave room for creativity and life? Plan for great things to happen, make arrangements if needed but at the same time stay realistic. Spectacular sunsets or magical summer haze doesn’t happen often but if they do, I will be there to make the most out of them. Also – if you’re thinking of having a photo of a bridal party being chased by a dinosaur – I’m afraid I’m not the one. 😉

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wedding photographers south wales


nd… now we come to the ‘little more about me section’ also known as ‘every wedding photographer’s nightmare’…! A long time ago I discovered that wedding photographers often find it incredibly hard to talk about themselves. Close friends of mine as well as other contacts from the creative industry have all confirmed that writing an ‘about’ section results in a headache of the very worst kind. So, with that in mind, here is my best guess as to what my potential clients would find relevant when looking for a wedding photographer. Currently based in Wales I have spent the last decade photographing weddings across the UK and {far} beyond its borders, but as much as I love travelling I also enjoy the comfort of a local wedding every now and then. Do get in touch if you’re looking for a creative and fun wedding photographer Cardiff.

South Wales is an incredible place to get married in. The variety of architecture and land and seascape offers an incredible scope of wedding venues, ranging from historic castles to barns and then from modern hotels to temporary marquees, tipis and festival tents (I’ve seen it all by now!) and there is so much more to the Welsh landscape than the most obviously picturesque beaches and cliff tops! At this point I suggest you flick through my portfolio and have a look at the weddings I photographed in the spectacular Brecon Beacons, Gower Peninsula, Cardiff and Pembrokeshire coastline to name only a few of the most iconic places I’ve shot in.

I feel lucky to work in such a beautiful country and from the number of my London & international clients of that choose South Wales as the wedding location of their dreams, I’m guessing I’m not the only one in love with this part of the world.


fter gaining my masters in Architectural and Urban Design from Wroclaw Technical University I worked for a short period of time as an architect before beginning my wedding photography adventure in 2009. I spent 3 years shooting for portfolio and learning the skill to then become a full time professional wedding photographer in 2012. It is fair to say that it has taken over my life ever since. Being a good photographer requires practical and theoretical knowledge of art and design as well as technical skill. What I love so much about wedding photography is that these qualities both depend upon and express something social, intuitive and very human. I have a passion for all things beautifully designed that extends beyond well-crafted objects and photographs to the patterns and balance I find in people’s {love} stories, relationships to one another and life. There is something incredibly special about being given the privilege of photographing a wedding and becoming responsible for a person’s most precious memories. Apart from weddings I really enjoy the creative engagement sessions that I have prior to the event with my wedding couples. We often develop this into a half-day or day in a meaningful (or just staggeringly beautiful) location, with breaks for food, outfit change and touch ups if required. We laugh a lot and liberate ourselves from all potential worries related to ‘being photographed on a wedding day’. I recommend the pre-wedding shoot to everyone who feels non-photogenic or stressed out in front of the camera. It is also valuable to anyone who would simply appreciate some creative portraits with their loved one. If you are planning a wedding destination further ashore take a look at my Destination Weddings Gallery to see a portfolio created under a sizzling sun with breathtaking views and often mind-blowing architecture. Get in touch if you’d like me to quote for a wedding abroad.