Wedding Photographer Cardiff

Close Your Eyes

Try to see your wedding the way that you’ve always imagined it. I want to make that image real. I think that often the simplest things in life are the most precious. The most perfect weddings celebrate what is human and imperfect and the occasional hiccup is all a part of the unpredictable energy and beauty of the day. It’s what adds to the memory and makes each wedding unique.

I have developed a keen eye for love and discovered that it doesn’t always look the way you prepared for it to be. Sometimes it’s as much about a granddad howling with laughter at the speeches, or just the aura newlyweds spread around them through the whole day, as it is about the ceremony, kiss or first dance. These are the little moments that I really want to connect to and be a small part of. My passion is to take photographs that are impossible not to smile at. That are impossible to forget. That you look at again and again.

I will work closely with both of you to get to the heart of what you want from your wedding. We will end up with something that you will cherish and which is unmistakably your own. So, if you’d like to meet me then I’d like to meet you. Just drop me a line and let’s talk about you, your vision, your story and my photographs.

Here is a sample slideshow from one of my recent weddings, an incredible 7 day celebration in New Delhi & the Himalayas of Emily, Raidev, their family & friends. Hit ‘play’ if you have a spare moment and turn your speakers up!


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