This blog post has been saved in my dashboard for weeks now waiting for me to do the write up and press the publish button. But the more I think about words the more I struggle to find them to describe this day, the couple, the atmosphere. It was just incredible. The idea ‘lets hire a big house on the top of the hill overlooking 3 cliffs bay, put up a marquee next to it, invite friends and family to stay for the entire week, DIY everything and  get married on Saturday in the village church followed by country side style of celebration within the house’s grounds’ to me simply sounds like THE perfect way of starting new life’s adventure.

Photographically Abi and Matt’s day was nothing but insane, I spent most of the time running around like headless chicken trying to be everywhere at once, laughing and shaking of cold (typical Welsh spring – beautiful but oh so cold! thank you to Abi’s mum for lending me her woolly jumper, I would have been in trouble otherwise).

hope you enjoy and I’ll leave you to the below set. x x

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