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I hope you’re all having an amazing summer full of relaxation and adventure.

It’s always a challenge to keep the blog up to date during the madness of peak wedding season, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a little teaser – a fantastic adventure with the coolest Norwegian couple Aksel and Caroline.  With the groom being a top notch commercial/advertising photographer himself (check his work here: http://www.byaksel.com) the pressure to deliver a splendid set of images was very much on.

The wedding was special for many reasons, to name just a few:

  • I woke up to the most picture perfect view from the hut I was staying at (first two images below), stepped onto my balcony and looked around only to spot the bride & her girlfriends about to jump into the sea, I grabbed my camera just in time! ‘Now that’s a good start to a bridal prep’ crossed my mind ;)
  • Throughout the 15h of coverage I shot 99.9% wedding reportage (there was ONE family group shot requested – ONE!) and I LOVED IT! These guys gave me a complete free reign, they were the most natural subjects, they laughed and partied their heads off (drank their heads off too!) absolutely ZERO camera awkwardness whatsoever. Maybe it’s a Norwegian thing, maybe everyone is this natural in general? For me it was definitely a novelty.
  • Straight after the ceremony the bridal party escaped the wedding guests on a boat, I joined them and we sailed out into the sea. Sounds romantic, right? It does, in theory. In practice the choppy waters and the size of the boat made it quite the ride – I have never before feared for my gear quite as much, ‘wobbly’ doesn’t quite describe it with sea water showering us with every turn! The bridal party didn’t mind one bit, a few bottles of champagne were consumed and lots of Norwegian jokes fired judging by the amount of laughs coming from them (really wish I spoke Norwegian!!). Coming back ashore and documenting the rest of the day was a piece of cake after the boat experience! ;)
  • The venue. I mean THE VENUE. WHOAH.. Just see for yourself. I knew it was going to be great, I’ve shot at amazingly looking barns before but Aksel & Caroline have taken the venue game to the whole new level. Huge thank you to Cathrine from http://plumeandposy.no for making everything look so splendid, she’s done a stellar job!
  • I am now a proud survivor of a 6h of wedding speeches all in a language I did not understand, but it was fantastic to observe the reactions, there were tears and belly laughs, demonstrations and performances, it all looked like a top notch speech game to me!

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with everything Norway, their trains, architecture, design, food, but most importantly with the people. I loved every minute and really wish I could stay longer, I’ll be visiting with my family to explore and experience more of this beautifully relaxing country. Last but not least huge thanks to my dear friend Eirik thanks to whom all of the below happened <3


If you’re planning a wedding (in Norway or anywhere else in the world) and are looking for a wedding photographer drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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