Michael, Hannah & George, what an incredible family! When they traveled for a holiday in West Wales last month they popped into my neck of woods and we had the most chilled out, laughter filled session EVER. I simply adore this trio, they are PERFECT. George being so unbearably cute he makes me want to have another go at motherhood (and I don’t feel particularly inclined otherwise! ;))

Here is what Michael posted in our little photography group the day after the shoot which must be THE BEST FEEDBACK I’VE RECEIVED TO DATE, probably because it’s coming from a peer whose work I’ve been admiring for years. This was said before I’ve delivered the photos, and yes they do love the images too, phew!

‘Well that was just an utterly wonderful experience last night.

Not only did we have some of the best light I’ve ever experienced we had a location of my dreams as well. George was pretty good too which made it amazing, especially since we ended up shooting for 2.5hrs and his energy only really gave out at the end.

Workshops are great but I never learn more than when I’m with other photographers shooting and being in front of Aga’s lens yesterday was an education. Truly a masterclass. I’ve shot with lots of good people over the years but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that it blew us both away.

Aga, your constant boundless energy and positivity is inspiring. You seem to have an extra level of skill that you occasionally mutter without thinking about it “layers, static element, light and shade, movement, limbs”. All the things I wish I could think of whilst shooting but so often can barely get my couples standing still in the right place let alone adding more and more elements.

Natural creativity that clearly comes from supreme confidence to experiment and trust yourself which I certainly don’t have. Again it was massively inspiring to watch.

Yep, as expected Sony A9 goes on our shopping list for 2019. Tech bores me, but interaction is everything and seeing how you can shoot from 1000’s of angles via LiveView and how that affects how we the clients interact with you being able to see your faces is obvious to see. The rest of the stuff I’m sure is great, I didn’t even need to hold it to be sold. It’s clearly brilliant.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing to be honest, we’ve had our photo taken before but never had a proper shoot done and we all absolutely loved it.

Feel inspired, refreshed, energised and excited to pick up my cameras again for the first time in a long time.

Thanks Aga, you were amazing xx”

How bloody wonderful is that to read?!  I’m so going to print, frame and hang it above the desk in my new home, it’ll forever be my ‘pick me up’ at times of creative crisis ;)

Ladies and Gents, onto the photos, the Jackson family showing us all how it’s done!


Now I have to do this bit and mention weddings photography – yep, I shoot weddings! ;) If you are or know someone who’s getting married and in need of Cardiff Wedding Photographer (god how I wish we could all drop this SEO gibberish!) do drop me a line!




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