Introducing Laura & Jack, one of the most chilled bride and grooms I have ever had the pleasure to work with! They were set on one thing – getting the formalities out of the way asap and enjoying what they love the most – the coastal air, the beach, their amazing friends & family & the incredible food (!) that the Tunnels Beaches chefs cooked for them.

I absolutely ADORED the colours that day! Yep, it doesn’t get more ‘me’ than accents of teal and lots of coral! The bridesmaids looked incredible & the boys so dapper! The three little page boys were frankly every wedding photographer’s dream! A pineapple as a wedding flower? Why not! Wedding dress from Asos? ANY TIME. And the little coastal accents evident throughout, pure gold!

Massive thanks to Anthony from Farwood Photography for joining me that day and adding a few awesome images into the set, it was absolute pleasure working with him! (check his work here).

I’ll leave you to the below collection to explore, it’s is a fun one!

(scroll to the very bottom of the post to read what Laura had to say about her & Jack’s story & the wedding day itself!)


Bride & Groom – Laura & Jack

Wedding Venue – Tunnels Beaches, Devon

Wedding Season – Spring



Tunnels Beaches is such an incredible wedding venue! If you happen to be getting married there yourself or know someone who does and needs a wedding photographer feel free to get in touch, I’m definitely hoping to be back there with my camera soon enough! ;)


In Laura’s own words: 

Me and Jack actually met online starting with text messages for about a week. Then we decided to meet in perso and we were so comfortable with each other that the same evening we met up again to watch a movie. One of the things that stood out for me was the relaxed atmosphere between us and the fact we did not dress to impress! I was in leggings, trainers and a hoody and Jack was in tracksuit bottoms and a cap. Some people might frown at this but me and Jack loved that we did not have to be something we just aren’t!

After 9 short months we went away to Miami, Florida for my birthday and this is where Jack had planned to marry me. Because it was my birthday we chose a nice restaurant and I of course got a fishbowl marghareta and got quite drunk. Jack wanted to go and walk on the beach and propose there, I of course just wanted to go back and sleep the drink off. So, he gave in and we went back to our hotel. As a last attempt he went to look for a hammock we could lay on and he could propose there, unfortunately all the hammocks were taken. He gave up and said ‘Do you want your birthday present?’ I of course said yes, he threw the ring box at me and said ‘So do you wanna get married?’. Initially I Sid F-OFF before saying YES!

When looking for a venue, it ad to be by the sea. I had always wanted it that way but to be honest I am not the girl who dreamed of the perfect venue or dress or any details really. We were camping in Croyde Bay, Devon and went for an adventure in Ilfracombe and that is where we found Tunnels Beaches. It was perfect! We didn’t know what we wanted but Tunnels Beaches was the one, nothing else would compare! The place is so chilled out, so natural, the staff were lovely and all you would have to do is turn up. We actually had no flowers as the place is decorated so tastefully and naturally it would have been a shame to draw away from that. The view is INSANE! Just incredible, even on a cloudy and windy day when we viewed it was INSANE! Hands down the best wedding venue EVER!

Like I have mentioned, I never had an idea of what I wanted for colours or a dress. I used Pinterest to get ideas and chose my favourite colours, found bridesmaids dresses and groomsmens bow ties in the colours I wanted and ordered them. They worked out amazing and I had no stress whatsoever because I ordered one size fits all infinity dresses. I also had miniature pineapples as the bouquets instead of flowers. They looked awesome! I am really not a flowers kind of girl. They cost a fraction of the price of flowers!

I never wanted a wedding dress, that just is not me! So I went on ASOS and bought a white summer dress, short and Lacey showing off the legs for £38. I was comfortable, I could wee without help and it was ME not the expected bride!

ME and Jack were absolutely DREADING the ceremony! So we asked for short and sweet and just marry us quickly. It went really well and the registrar was so kind, we felt very at ease.
Our favourite aspect of the wedding? Having all our family and friends with us, it showed us how loved and lucky we are! Also the exotic sunset created a backdrop of heaven – the pictures we were able to capture were out of this world!!

Me and Jack were actually really apprehensive about having our photograph taken throughout the day, but Aga made the whole experience to be honest hilarious and made us feel so at ease. The only reason you knew she was about getting photos was cause of her awesome red hair! You can tell she can visualise a picture before it has been caught and the results show the talent this lady has. The pictures truly capture the day, atmosphere and experience that we and all the guests had. Me and Jack cannot stop looking at the photos and each time we see something new we hadn’t seen before! It is amazing how we can recall the story from the pictures that have been taken, just so talented!


My advice for planning a wedding is……. DON’T STRESS! I didn’t stress once and my wedding was perfect beyond belief.

If you want something then just look it up and order it, it really is not that difficult. I wanted mini pineapples on sticks, so I found them and got someone to bring them to me. I wanted a doughnut cake with crab man and wife on top so I did it, cause why on earth not. Do not live by stereotype when planning a wedding, essentially it is a party for the TWO of you so have whatever you want. And also last tip, as from others previous experience…research your photographer, I did and look what amazing and beautiful photos I received and a new friend in Aga. She is top!

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