Here is Leon and Dominique July wedding @Oxwich Bay hotel – dry up until the early afternoon this must have been the most torrential rain wedding I’ve ever photographed! (not that it managed to spoil the atmosphere in any way! :) ) Here are some of my favourite captures. a cover 1aoxwich bay wedding_1000oxwich bay wedding_1003oxwich bay wedding_1001oxwich bay wedding_1002oxwich bay wedding_1004oxwich bay wedding_1005oxwich bay wedding_1006oxwich bay wedding_1007oxwich bay wedding_1008oxwich bay wedding_1009oxwich bay wedding_1010oxwich bay wedding_1012oxwich bay wedding_1013oxwich bay wedding_1014oxwich bay wedding_1015oxwich bay wedding_1017oxwich bay wedding_1019oxwich bay wedding_1020oxwich bay wedding_1021oxwich bay wedding_1022oxwich bay wedding_1023oxwich bay wedding_1025oxwich bay wedding_1026oxwich bay wedding_1027oxwich bay wedding_1028oxwich bay wedding_1029oxwich bay wedding_1030oxwich bay wedding_1031oxwich bay wedding_1032oxwich bay wedding_1033oxwich bay wedding_1034oxwich bay wedding_1035oxwich bay wedding_1036oxwich bay wedding_1037oxwich bay wedding_1039oxwich bay wedding_1040oxwich bay wedding_1041oxwich bay wedding_1050oxwich bay wedding_1049oxwich bay wedding_1048oxwich bay wedding_1047oxwich bay wedding_1046oxwich bay wedding_1045oxwich bay wedding_1044oxwich bay wedding_1043oxwich bay wedding_1042oxwich bay wedding_1053oxwich bay wedding_1052oxwich bay wedding_1051