I’ll try not to brag here as there are way too many images below to look at. :))

Marta and Alberto – the most romantic and beautiful couple I’ve met in my life. Me and Marta stumbled across each other about 3 years ago when her and Alberto lived in Wales; Marta is a fashion photographer and we met through photography, it all started from being flickr buddies and developed into a photography friendship.

Over the time many things changed for Marta and Alberto, they moved to Cyprus and got engaged. Apparently the first thing Marta did after accepting the ring was facebooking me asking to shoot her wedding (at least that’s what Alberto told me… ;)) Obviously, I was booked for that day (typical isn’t it) but after initial tears on both sides (heh) they decided they still wanted me to come to capture them in their wedding attire after the wedding. I couldn’t quite believe this was really going to work but hey, you’ve got to dream the dream!

WELL – it worked. IT WORKED!!!! The most incredible 2 day photo shoot I’ve ever had. Maybe it was down to working with two other photographers (Marta herself and my friend Sarah (http://www.sarahstonephotography.co.uk/) who joined, second shot and assisted me) having the total understanding and sharing the excitement, maybe it was down to the amazing city we were in and locations that Marta and Alberto knew and took us to, maybe it was the spirit of the summer – I don’t know. The entire trip was the most awesome photographic thing I’ve ever done. A true feast.

Quite spontaneously we were joined by Paco, the couple’s friend and Barcelona based videographer who filmed most of the shoot for us. (check his website by the way http://pacopino.com/) I’ll obviously share the video as soon as  it’s available to watch… after I’ve censored it… ;)

We split the photoshoot into few sections, it is pretty much impossible to constantly shoot in this heat (well it was for me at least!) so we arrived the day before, drove around some locations and established The Plan. ;)  4.30am start next morning was a bit of a kick and a dive right into not-quite-my-comfort-zone called flash photography BUT I believe we made the most out of  sunrise over Barceloneta beach. :)

Then we noticed the yellow petals on the ground in a nearby park – how could we not use them? The early morning light was DIVINE.

Marta and Alberto  were born and raised in Barcelona and that connection and love for the city was to be our main theme throughout the shoot. But we still managed to capture few random props that none of us expected to be able to play with! Vintage cameras were brought by Paco who apparently said ‘Here they are, coz I know Aga likes props’ – haha! Paco speaks Spanish by the way so there was a constant translation line going on between us four. One of my worries before this trip was being able to actually shoot in the crowds that Barcelona is known of. But Marta and Alberto had more ideas than the busiest tourists spots (that we visited anyway!) First they took us to Forum, Barcelona’s business centre, recent addition to the city’s landscape. Quirky modern architecture, open spaces and not many visitors – something we definitely needed for a warm up. ;)
And then the very famours Park güell, needs no introduction. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE PLACE TO SHOOT!!!!
We were trying to get the Sagrada Familia photographs early in the morning but the cathedral wasn’t illuminated, so we had to get back there in the evening and fight all the tourists to get these photographs!

….Then we had pizza in the pizzeria across the road. I got to properly test the iso performance of my both cameras there d4 and d700. We used the same lenses and took some shots in the very low ambient light scenario. D4 SMASHED the d700, obviously. ;)
New day, new challenge, a walk through the El Born area. Marta and Alberto were considered to be celebrities, people were stopping and taking photographs of them, everyone STARED at us, these two yellow balloons must have been a serious sensation in that busy place. Sounds like a photographers nightmare? No, it wasn’t too bad. ;)

Before starting walking we actually had to get to that part of town. Me and Sarah squashed at the back of the car by two GIANT YELLOW balloons was definitely the highlight of the day. I’ve never been a car’s passenger in such conditions, I’ve probably never laughed this histerically either. :)

Our next stop was the La Boqueria Market. Challenging light but the variety of color, texture and shape – beyond amazing. Beyond crowded too!


And last but not least – we landed at the roof top of the hotel where me and Sarah were staying (it’s called melon district marina by the way if someone is looking for a good place to stay in Barcelona). We were aiming at some airy portraits/views across the city as well as detail shots, but also wanted to use the roof top swimming pool. 

And the bonus part – THE TEAM! Some backstage shots taken during these two days, mostly credit of the wonderful Sarah Stone.


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