It’s a pleasure to be able to show this set of wedding couple portraits taken in Paris on the 10th of June. First of all I felt privileged to get to know Kate and Oleg, utterly beautiful couple of web designers who we totally communicated at the same level with when it came to discussing ‘the feel’ of our Paris session and making it happen. Secondly we were lucky to shoot at some key locations in Paris without being majorly told off by anyone… :) Thirdly I had a truly awesome team of photographers joining me on this road trip, so enormous thank you goes to Cristina for driving us all the way to Paris and showing some serious party moves   ;)  Rob for keeping us all safe and running around with my tripod case pretending it being a rifle… Asia for keeping serious when needed, helping me shoot and having her creative cap on and Anthony for sleeping in the car, on park benches, on tube, Louvre’ floor, under hotel’s shower etc…. ;P

I had an absolute blast, it was an incredible 3 days of my life. I enjoyed the challenge of shooting wedding couple in Paris just as much as I enjoyed getting silly with other pros, eating crepes, drinking gin and participating in geek talks after all photographs were taken. Overall I don’t think I have ever laughed so much over 3 days as I have with this lot during our Paris invasion. Now if any of you out there would like a shoot in Amsterdam, Rome, Venice (!) or what the heck – New York – just shout. ;)
Hope you enjoy the collection of my fav shots. :) xx

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