Hello Beautiful Human,

Whatever brought you here – welcome and please stay for the next few minutes.

I hope the 2015 was a happy year for you. Looking back on mine there is nothing I would have changed, not a single thing. After a few difficult years there’s finally been one where life was just kind, stressless and fun, work straight forward as ever, exciting as ever, business grew to the point I’ve always hoped it would. I’m sat here smiling to myself feeling at peace with who I am, what I do, the choices I made and a teeny bit proud of the risks I took.

And if tomorrow my world falls down like a house of cards I will always have the memory of now, that moment when pieces of the puzzle were all in the very right place, when every atom of my existence was fulfilled with gratitude.

Below is the visual representation of my year of photography work. These faces, emotions, gestures you will get to see were all so precious, so unique. Some of them made me hold my breath, some made me cry, others giggle. But they all kept on making me realise just how much GOOD there is out there, how utterly fascinating people are and how the job of photographing them at their truest never EVER gets old.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas time and I hope everything you dream of becomes a reality in 2016.

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