So, 2017 kind of raised the bar to a whole new level. What an absolute and utter CRACKER of a year! Here I am sat in front of an empty page reminiscing events and attempting to put lots of scattered thoughts together. It was the kind of year that defies description a little…

Admittedly, I’ve been putting off this round up task as I knew it was going to take me forever. It took a bit less than that, but only just. ;) 2017 has been such an important year in my professional life that I wanted to do it justice – to tell its story in the best way possible.

I take and deliver many, MANY images, and to go through them all, carefully, with the aim of figuring out what is my best work was a mammoth task. I wanted to do it well especially since I don’t blog on regular basis and most of my work hasn’t been seen by anyone other than the clients themselves. So this, for me, is the opportunity to tell the story of 12 busy and wonderful months.

One of the hardest things to do when making these kinds of decisions is to (as writers say) ‘kill your darlings’. Emily & Faz’s mind blowing adventure of a 7 day wedding in New Delhi & the Himalayas deserves your attention on its own, so if you haven’t yet seen it, I really urge you to check this link and watch the explosion of colour & life that is their wedding slideshow. I made an executive decision of not including any India photos into the below line up. ;)

My gosh, another year huh? A damn fine year. An exhausting but rewarding year of shooting and editing weddings but also a year that saw me getting way out of my comfort zone and stepping up to other challenges. Back in Spring I ran my first ever workshop and in November I spoke at 9 Dots Gathering in London which was by far the most petrifying thing I’ve ever done (my heart rate has just about returned to normal). On top of that I was invited to join the 20 collective, a group of photographers I’ve been looking up to since I started my adventure so it felt amazing becoming one of them. And last but not least, I was asked to join the judging panel of TWIA (The Wedding Industry Awards) in the category of photography as well as approached by TIR (This Is Reportage) to judge their Collection One. The respect of your peers is important to anyone, but more than that, it was truly heartening to see what the industry is producing & I am so excited to be part of that.

At this point let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the inspiring people I pointed my cameras at in 2017 for revealing their personalities, opening their hearts and laughing their heads off with me. They made my year epic, I witnessed their talents, their hugs and tears, nerves and drunk dances, their wonderful sense of humour, their inner beauty and some seriously great hair dos! ;) My wish is for them to never change, never grow old and never EVER stop loving.

So, here are my 2017 darlings; the faces and colours, emotions and actions that sum up these past 12 months. Images shot across Britain, Greece & Norway. 2018, you’d better bring it. <3


:: CLICK TO WATCH the slideshow in FULLSCREEN! Speakers on is a MUST too!  ::

or feel free to scroll through the individual images below:


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