Lionel and Hannah’s wedding was one of those jobs where you don’t know what to expect and then get overwhelmed by how amazing it was. I’m sure every wedding photographer knows exactly what I’m talking about here!

I don’t know how long it took for L&H to plan their Sunday wedding but I know they booked me at quite a short notice and initially wanted only 3 hours of photography coverage. There were lots of emails flying between me and Hannah and after I showed her one of my previous weddings at Gliffaes Hotel the brief changed onto ‘full day photography coverage in documentary approach’. It was music to my ears to hear from the bride ‘Aga, don’t worry about the details, about the girly stuff, I’m not into any of that. I want you to capture the people I love’.

So I did. Well, we did. Andy came to second shoot and take a bit of pressure off me (it was a two weddings in a row, peak summer season weekend, it is so amazing to have someone to help out!)

The day itself exceeded my expectations in every way. There was so much love and happiness that were simply contagious, I felt no tiredness or stress of any sort. It was the kind of wedding during which time just whizzes by and photographs seem to be taking themselves ;) It was one of those I cried at (and trust me I’m quite wedding sob proof for a girl! ) I had so much fun, I ate amazing stuff (thank you to Gliffaes Hotel staff for their hospitality, it was ever so appreciated!), I danced but most importantly I could feel the most beautiful connections between two incredible people and their loved ones.. Even though I physically met the couple for the first time on their wedding morning by the end of the day I felt as if I read a book about them, one that fascinated me truly.

Enough blabbing of mine, here are the images.

Bride & Groom – Hannah & Lionel

Wedding Venue – Gliffaes Hotel, Brecon

Wedding Season – Summer


Thank you Hannah & Lionel for choosing me to be your South Wales wedding photographer.

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