I’m very excited to be able to share the  ‘Enchanted Blossom’ bridal editorial. My client was wonderful Syran from Syran John Hairdressing who turned out to be not only a fabulous hair stylist but most of all extremely creative person. She made majority of props as well as art directed the whole project. I was well impressed with how big this shoot turned out to be  and in the end I am admittedly really happy with the images, hope you will be too!

Now the credit list is long, bear with me! ; )

Syran: creative directing, props (most of them handmade by her)  her facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001704371783 Syran’s new website www.syranjohnhairdressing.com is just coming to shape and the below photographs will surely find their way there. : )

hair & make up: Syran & her team (Geraint Griffiths & Bethan Barber)

flowers by Love Lily Abergavenny http://www.love-lily.com/ Emma Lynch

bridal dresses and head pieces – Laura May

cup cakes made by Sian Price


Danielle Amber, Ishbelle Ellen Davies & Kirsty Louise Rogerson

Assitants: Melanie Smallwood and Vicki Edmunds

Dogs pinched from passer by ; )

photography: myself

photography assitance (also trees climbing, bunting hanging and mirror supporting  ; ) –  Anthony http://advaughan.com/

and lastly filming – Richard from http://auroravideo.co.uk/ , Rich joined us to record the shoot for my promotional purposes, make sure you check his rather fabulous wedding videos.


huge THANK YOU to everyone involved for helping out and making this job so much pleasurable (apart from the cold! : ) )

Moving onto the photographs. I hope you like them at last half as much as I do. : D x x

And of course – all of us! Well mostly, unfortunately Anthony is taking a photograph… although actually… I may have a photograph o fhim from that day somewhere in my lightroom file… let me check………………

Here he is! Picture perfect. : D