Joe and Naomi got married on the 20th of July at the Earth Trust in Little Wittenham in Oxfordshire and had the most amazing wedding celebrations one could possibly imagine. I’m utterly flattered I was chosen to be part of their day, I feel extremely privileged to have been there and experienced the incredible atmosphere the wedding couple and their guests created. Naomi must have made one of the happiest brides I’ve ever seen (and the images show it so well!), I don’t think the smile disappeared off her face for one minute that day. Everything photographers wish for at a wedding was there making it an unforgettable experience and a true feast for the eye and soul.
Dear Joe and Naomi, I hope you’ll remain just as happy for the rest of you lives together as you were on the day you said your wedding vows.

Huge thank you to Rob for second shooting for me that day, he did a truly awesome job.

I’ll leave you to the set of my favorite photographs.

Earth trust_1221Earth trust_1003Earth trust_1239Earth trust_1006Earth trust_1240Earth trust_1243Earth trust_1245Earth trust_1242Earth trust_1241Earth trust_1244Earth trust_1102Earth trust_1092



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