Aga (aka one of the most talented photographers in the world!!!) I LOVED the workshop and your input in my work and technique. You really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and move my photography onto the next level! I am so glad I took notes, finding those helpful again & again. Thanks so much!

Back in August I organised a little 121 training for Christina, who I met as a bridesmaid at one of my weddings in 2013. We stayed in fb contact ever since and last summer she flew over all the way from Germany to spend few days with me and improve her photography skills. I wanted it to be very practical so organised three shoots for her, Christina’s images can be found on her fb page, check them out:, mine were taken sort of on the side. We were extremely fortunate with the weather and absolutely STUNNING couple; Penarth Pier didn’t disappoint either ;) I believe these portraits are rather pleasant to look at. Huge thanks to Lucy and Stevie for modelling for us, they made it all so easy.

2015-01-14_0191 2015-01-14_0173 2015-01-14_0183 2015-01-14_0176 2015-01-14_0164 2015-01-14_0187 2015-01-14_0180 2015-01-14_0160 2015-01-14_0159 2015-01-14_0189 2015-01-14_01722015-01-14_0158 2015-01-14_0166 2015-01-14_0162 2015-01-14_0181 2015-01-14_0165 2015-01-14_0174 2015-01-14_0190 2015-01-14_0188 2015-01-14_0175 2015-01-14_0198 2015-01-14_0193 2015-01-14_0163 2015-01-14_0167 2015-01-14_0161 2015-01-14_0168 2015-01-14_0194 2015-01-14_0170 2015-01-14_0192 2015-01-14_0185 2015-01-14_0195 2015-01-14_0171 2015-01-14_0169 2015-01-14_0177 2015-01-14_0178 2015-01-14_0179 2015-01-14_0182 2015-01-14_0184 2015-01-14_0196

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