On the last day of another year that I was lucky to spend alive, healthy, surrounded by people dear to me, doing the job that still gives me butterflies of excitement in my stomach – I can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude. Thank you to all my amazing clients for letting me witness love in so many forms, on so many levels, in so many colours. I’m still dazzled by your stories and humbled to be portraying them with my camera. It is mind-blowing that you exist, that you find each other and amongst the limitless choice of wedding photographers – you also find me. I’ve often been invited into your homes, into your lives, and become more than just a wedding supplier, I’m so grateful for such privilege.

I’d also like to give an enormous thank you to my dear industry friends and peers. Some of you have kept me going when the workload was overwhelmingly heavy, you’ve been my extra pair of eyes, my extra pair of hands, the friendly voice at 3am in the morning. You’ve been pushing me to achieve bigger, greater things, I have grown thanks to you and I have remained strong thanks to your support. You know who you are, you incredible, beautiful people.

I’ve tried to visually summarise my year of work and it proved SO HARD! There were way too many favourite images to fit them all within one, reasonably long blog post. I hope you enjoy my collection of around 100 below, it’s one I smile to! :)
Once more, thank you to all I’ve crossed path with in 2016, I shall drink to your health and life long happiness tonight. Happy New Year! <3

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