Winson and Jackie’s destination wedding in Bali was definitely one of the very top events of 2012. Extremely dynamic, a bit crazy, cheerful and simply STUNNING wedding to photograph. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited and at the end of the day – this TIRED! The wedding had a pace that was completely new to myself who mostly photograph British couples getting married in Britain. ;) Everything was happening SO FAST and the heat had its impact as well. I pretty much dropped out of strength during the last hour of coverage and I have to say a huge thank you to Raf who second shot/assisted for me on a day and whose support, especially during the evening hours, was pretty much life saving. :)

The day itself was split in two parts –  Chinese celebrations in the morning and more Western type of wedding with the church ceremony and reception in the afternoon. Last night I finished editing twice as many images of what seemed to be two weddings in fact! Below you can see the Chinese part of the day, I’ll blog the afternoon and evening in a minute. :) Hope you like.