A few weeks ago I was privileged to second shoot for the mighty Voyteck (check his work here —> Voyteck’s website) at Aynhoe Park, also known as one of THE QUIRKIEST venues out there. Like off the scales, totally out there quirky – in a good way! What an amazing place!!! I knew it was going to be great as I’d seen weddings from there before… but nothing quite prepared me for the actual experience.

I don’t think many couples realise how much of an impact venue choice has on their wedding photographs and on the entire wedding experience. Many don’t give it much consideration. Some just go for friend or family recommendation, some simply want convenience where location matters the most and some are simply restricted by the budget. The truth is a good venue choice can be an actual life saver when the weather lets you down, it massively influences the energy on a day and it can turn the wedding into a truly unforgettable experience for the guests. I wouldn’t know where to begin listing things that the camera loves and hates at particular venues. Some venues look very corporate, some have absolutely hideous style to them, dated decor and emergency signs, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in all the wrong places. And awful carpets. Don’t get me started ;) .

Some offer no outdoor space or natural light, which makes it hard to work at (but of course we have our ways of dealing with it using flash, set up continuous light etc… ). And then there are venues where photographs seem to be taking themselves. To name a few local to me: St Donats Castle, Rosedew Farm, Maunsel House and the Corran would be my favourites. Of course, there are many more for me to experience and I’m excited to be working at several new venues in the upcoming months!

Needless to say Aynhoe Park has it all and is an absolutely dream setting for wedding photographs. There is a tonne of natural light in the orangery, the decor is just insane, the detail, the architecture itself – it’s mind-blowing. The wedding I photographed for Voyteck was rainy throughout so no photographs were taken outside, yet it was easy to produce a quality story due to almost every corner being a dream background for wedding action or a wonderful feature/prop itself.

Take a look at some of my favourite shots. These are all taken from the second shooters perspective, so they’re not the leading images of the day but still they make for a nice little story. This one is about the venue, I hope you enjoy.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer at the mighty Aynhoe or any other {amazing} venue drop me a line! :)

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