2.30am – how lovely… My tax return isn’t done and I don’t know where I’m going to be living in 3 weeks BUT at least I got to spend the evening browsing through some sunny captures – living in the present moment! ;)

Few days before the trip to Barcelona I bought this little cutie – Fuji x100s and was desperate to get my hands on it during my short stay in Spain. I must admit I found it hard to use, for years I have been Nikon only, the ergonomics of Fuji couldn’t be more different! Anyway, I’m no technical geek and this post isn’t yet another review, in fact I couldn’t be further from attempting to do that, I’ll leave it to those truly passionate with numbers, analysis and buttons. Overall, after initial awkwardness I think me and Fuji did become buddies; he’s a bit too slow for my liking so I don’t dare using it at weddings, but for light travelling, night life or any other life adventures it proves to work just great. ;)

below few shots outside the actual photoshoot.

Aga x

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