I have been itching to blog this wedding ever since I delivered Ellen & Denys their wedding collection. It’s one of my most favourite collections of all time due to the mixture of cultures, the vibe and energy of that day. Our Ukrainian groom (coming with all the Eastern European approach and character, rather close to my heart!) and the bride brought her Chinese heritage with her – yet everything was played with a huge dose of humour & natural emotion. NOBODY minded me that day, it’s a very rare thing to see at a wedding – just people ‘doing their thing as if the world around them {and my camera in particular!} didn’t bother them at all’ – the most enjoyable scenario to work with!

It’s not very often I see this amount of banter at a wedding, nor this amount of vodka… nor shoot at such swooning location – OH MY GOSH River Cottage HQ are you kidding me?! I basically want to photograph there every weekend, Devon based wedding togs, you lucky gits! ;) This venue just has it all. Everything. Every single aspect from its visual ace-ness, to the most sophisticated food (which they are obviously so passionate about) to the kindest of people working there! Thank you to them all from the bottom of my heart.

And since we are touching on gratitude let me say a big thanks to my dear friend Helen (check out her photography, it’s wonderful! ) whose recommendation resulted into Ellen and Denys booking me to be their wedding photographer; how amazing of her to share such fantastic work opportunity! <3

Ellen and Denys you awesome people! You made me laugh out loud all day. I didn’t know where to turn with the camera there was so much fun, craziness and beauty to point my lens at (the one and only thing I regret that day is not having a second shooter with me, this wedding could/should have been photographed by two, three, four of us… ;) )  THANK YOU for having me, I know you’re happy with the photographs but the pleasure was truly all mine, it was an honour.

I’ll leave the rest of the story to the images, hope you enjoy! :)


Bride & Groom – Ellen & Denys

Wedding Venue – River Cottage HQ, Devon

Wedding Season – Summer


If you’re booking River Cottage as your wedding venue and are in need of a wedding photographer do drop me a line! I would love to work there again.

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