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It’s a pleasure to share this winter wedding of Jamie and Sarah at Fonmon Castle. It was just oozing with style! I think it’s fair to say that every wedding photographer gets a little bit nervous at the thought of short winter days and ceremonies by candle lights but this time we got really lucky. The wedding ceremony was beautifully lit with window light, we managed to get bride and groom’s portraits photographed during the golden hour and the overall style of the wedding venue as well as bride and groom’s attire just topped things off. It was also the very first time I have seen and fed an actual reindeer – how cool was this idea?! This wedding was a true treat for the eyes and soul, filled with festive spirit, great fashion, creative people and tasty chestnuts. Huge thanks to the wonderful couple for letting us be part of it. If you know of anyone planning a wedding full of personal touches and is looking for a creative Cardiff wedding photographer, point them my way!