Louise and Matthew got married at the Celtic Manor Resort on Friday afternoon back in March. I am totally in awe with their day for its spirit, vibe and overall awesomeness.

Extremely family orientated,  planned and organised by the groom (!) and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone day was just an utter, utter pleasure to capture. One of those jobs where ‘you can’t get it wrong’ – easy peasy, photographic treat. ;)

Blog photo choice was a total NIGHTMARE! I always try to keep the number of images down but here – a total failure! You’ll see more even more than usual images below I’m afraid!

Huge thank you to Raf who second shot for me that day spending entire morning with the boys and capturing them the rather funky way. I’m really, REALLY pleased with his captures from that day.

Since I absolutely suck at writing + have no time for it + it’s 2am and my eye lids don’t want to stay up anymore I wills stop bragging right here. Hope you like the set of my favs – only a small percentage of the entire collection.

x x




Bride and Groom: Louise and Matthew

wedding date: March 2012

wedding ceremony and reception: the Celtic Manor Resort


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